The *APCP* was designed for you. You need the help and you are not receiving from other siblings, or family members. Let’s face it, they just don’t understand.

APCP is available to equip you with coping strategies you need, as well as clear directives in charting the way forward. You will be able to make the necessary decisions for you and your aging parent.

What are your options? Hospice? Assisted Living Facility or Live-in Caregiver? What’s your next step after receiving the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease, or dementia or any chronic illness with your aging parent? Sometimes the signs are there but a diagnosis confirms your fear.

We provide that space for you to express your fears and frustrations without being judged or condemned. We are 100% confidential, and after one session you will feel ready to face your issues.

Recently, a client told us she would have paid any amount of money just to let someone speak to her mom, helping her understand why she had to be put into a nursing home. Other clients disclosed they couldn’t remember when they had time for self-care such as vacationing, or a pedicure/manicure, they were burnt out and feeling so guilty! I know you can relate to this! We know these types of conversations aren’t easy.

We at the GSI use the skills and experience we’ve gained during our tenure in the nursing field to guide you through this difficult period and give you coping mechanism and techniques tried and proven to help you and make this journey easier.

This Consultation is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed caring for your ill parent
  • You have little to no help caring for your ill- aging parent
  • You are feeling guilty about placing your aging parent in an assisted nursing facility
  • You need someone to speak to because your family doesn’t understand or consider your feelings
  • Your aging parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease or Dementia and you are unsure what your next step is

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