The Global Senior Care Institute, based in Trinidad and Tobago, is the only centre of its kind in the Caribbean to provide training and services dedicated to the needs of the ageing population. Offering training and professional development in the field of geriatric care (including training to family members with elderly dependents), GSCI offers a global service through its status as an EduQual-approved Centre, offering in particular the Award in Geriatric Care Home Management (EduQual Level 5).

GSCI has received praise for its professionalism and dedication to senior care, which aided us in receiving approval from EduQual. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to provide global perspectives and opportunities to our learners throughout the Caribbean.”

The Vision of the Global Senior-care Institute is to be an advocate for the senior population throughout the Caribbean and by extension the world, ensuring all needs of seniors are understood and met, including but not limited to home health-care, psychological, emotional, safety and recreational. We provide your family with services needed for effective care for seniors.

This company was founded on the core values: (CET) Compassion, Ethics and Trust.


EduQual is approved as an awarding body by SQA-Accreditation, a globally recognized UK qualifications regulator. They are a full member of the UK Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

EduQual international accreditation allows us at GSI to give our students within the Caribbean region a chance at global opportunities, which can only be obtained by higher education levels at an international standard. It gives you the learner the opportunity to earn a UK Awarded certificate in Geriatric care that is locally AND internationally recognized!


Aging Parent Support Group. Are you caring for an ill parent? Are you tired, burnt out or frustrated? This is a space for persons who are balancing caring for an aging parent with their career and the rest of their life. Join us for community, support and encouragement. Whether you are a caregiver, have been a caregiver, or know a caregiver, we hope that you can find some inspiration, and helpful resources along  the way.


  • Caregiver Meet-ups
  • Quarterly caregiver outings
  • Up to 15% discounts to courses and one day workshops
  • Counselling sessions
  • Networking opportunities

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